Vocals – Gemma Tilley

Kabuki - Gemma TilleyGemma’s incredibly soulful voice and energetic onstage presence makes every audience hit the dance floor! Gemma has had extensive coverage on national radio and is a favourite of Tom Robinson from BBC 6. With experience in soul, funk, hip-hop, pop and acoustic music, providing vocals to many Yorkshire outfits, this girl has the voice to impress and you will not be disappointed.


Guitar – James Grunwell

Kabuki - James GrunwellJames has the most expressive and soulful guitar ability that you will ever hear. As a local Yorkshire lad, James has been playing for many years and has performed with many musical outfits, spanning practically every genre. As a frequent sound on radio across the UK, as well as festival stages across the country, this man will inspire all who see him play. An incredible member of the band!


Keyboards – Chris Lloyd

Kabuki - Chris LloydPiano and keyboard player Chris Lloyd is a well-established Yorkshire-based musician, playing in a wide variety of different projects, from the hip-hop inspired Urban Strings to prog rock band Diego Snail, and everything in between. A renowned classical and jazz pianist, Chris also plays gypsy accordion and performs at festivals across the UK. A mind-blowingly talented player, and all round lovely guy.


Saxophone – Tom Regan

Kabuki - Tom ReganTom plays with a style and enthusiasm rarely seen. Please feel free at any time to ask him for a saxophone moment – he is always happy to oblige! Tom studied jazz for three years at the Leeds College of Music, during which he became actively involved in the Leeds music scene and he has not stopped since. Adding a blinding finesse to Kabuki, Tom often breaks into astounding virtuosic solos with ease!


Trumpet – Jon Scully

Kabuki - Jon ScullyJon has been an active musician for over 20 years. He has been involved in jazz, orchestral and commercial music in Leeds and Yorkshire as a whole. has received airtime on Dermot O’Leary’s Radio 2 show, as well as BBC Radio Leeds and numerous festivals across the UK. He provides Kabuki with hard punctuated trumpet, along with more melodic sounds, blends perfectly with Tom, giving Kabuki a killer horn section!


Bass – James Paylor

Kabuki - James PaylorOur second James, known fondly as Paylor within the group, is as tight a bass player as you are likely to come across! With a lifetime of playing under his belt, Paylor provides deep, soulful bass grooves and eclectic list of influences. His mission for Kabuki is a simple one; to get your feet moving and keep them that way!


Drums – David Gracey

Kabuki - David GraceyLast, but by no means least, Kabuki’s rhythm man has been involved in performing from an exceptionally early age. Dave has 15 years of experience playing every imaginable genre to the highest level; with airtime on numerous radio stations, including BBC Radio 1. David is as solid a drummer as you could desire, moulding a rhythm section with Paylor that can only be described by one word: tight.